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Our Vision- Pillar 1- Purpose

"To bring together researchers with similar interests to focus on particular areas of education research, develop projects, undertake joint activities, and share expertise"

Starting out as a researcher is an incredibly exciting stage in a person's career, so congratulations on having made it this far!

Research is exciting, but can be hard to break into and can make you feel a little lonely. So the purpose of the 5 Elements Coaching Research Development Group is to provide a place where those of like minds that are interested in research can come together and bounce ideas off each other while allowing growth, experience, and actually seeing their research be published in a journal.

There are several ingredients to being a successful researcher:

  • The quality of your research is absolutely fundamental. You could be the greatest teacher, project manager, or networker in history, but if your research isn’t excellent, you won’t succeed.

  • You must work out how you can be most effective as a researcher while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

  • You will be a part of a group that will need the same productivity from everyone, along with equal growth and further training through each other that must be given by each member in each group to make the experience and process to be of purpose to each member.

  • You need to make your mark as an individual and as a group, by building solid relationships with the people in the group--so collaboration will be needed from everyone in the group while maintaining confidentiality and communication.

  • You have to be closely engaged with the outside world – with other researchers, funding bodies, and journals, and perhaps with patient groups, policymakers, and the media, depending on your research topics - because networking is essential.

Remember research can be for anyone and everyone that has the desire to learn and evolve as a researcher which is what we hope is something that the 5 Elements Coaching Research Development Group can provide by creating and fostering our research groups will gain.

It's our vision to provide purpose by providing education on research, developing projects, undertaking joint activities, and sharing expertise.....

More coming soon....


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