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Research Groups

Our Research Groups will only be 3 to 4 researchers at present -researchers can have a background in herbal, coaching, nutrition, or other alternative modalities. We hope to match each group's interests as best as possible and foster growth and learning. All researchers will be volunteers to start, and as things move forward, the hope is that there will be room to grow into paid positions. If, interested in expanding your research skills from a beginner or an advanced researcher looking to and willing to share their expertise -

Please click the button below to let us know you are interested in helping. We are currently recruiting Health & Wellness Coaches for Group Two... even if you aren't a health & wellness coach still fill out the form, so we can see who is interested.

Outside Dinner

Research Group One - Nutrition  (Closed)
This group will explore how food can heal various conditions & ailments along with how it works.

Study group

Research Group Four-
Eating Disorders 

This group will explore eating disorders and how to support them nutritionally and more.

Group project conversation

Research Group Two- Health & Wellness  Coaching (Recruiting)
This group will explore how coaching techniques work. 


Research Group Five-

This group will explore acupuncture and how it works, along with exploring what it works for and more.

Group Hug

Research Group Three-
Intuitive Eating/ Mindfulness / HAES 

This group will explore how these mindsets and techniques can support and reframe a person's healing and beyond.

Medicinal Herbs

Research Group Six-

This group will explore herbs and explore the effects of how, when and what along how the body processes them and more.


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

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