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Our Mission

It is to provide evidence-based research relating to- nutrition, coaching, Ayurveda, herbal, and other alternative modalities. Some of the topics to be looked at in conjunction with the above treatment modalities are mental health, such as substance use, depression/anxiety, eating disorders plus intuitive eating, mindfulness, hormones, gut health, and so much more.

Our research groups will be working to support those in the holistic, integrative, and functional fields while also providing information to the general public so that genuine understanding and awareness can be cultivated through research that is evidence-based and backed by science.

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Our Vision for Developing Research Groups


To bring together researchers with similar interests to focus on particular areas of research, develop projects, undertake joint activities, and share expertise


The ability to share research expertise, increase productivity and efficiency, and enhance the quality of research available to others in the field and to the general public


To encourage others to think creatively and build strong communication skills which also help in refining understanding of the material. It has been proven that those who participate in research grow.


To build up a valuable network of contacts that are familiar with you and your research. It also helps you develop confidence in your professional life, making events like conferences just that little bit less daunting.


5 Elements Coaching RDG

Mailing Address: 

19813 Leitersburg Pike #193

Hagerstown, MD 21742

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